Nature Serrapilheira Conference

De 15/10/2019 09h00 a 18/10/2019 21h00
Belmond Copacabana Palace
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    De 30/01/2019 08h00 a 12/07/2019 18h00

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the conference

"Advances in Metabolic Communication"

The coordination of nutrient sensing and energy metabolism is essential for the maintenance of cellular and organismal homeostasis. To achieve this finely tuned regulation, metabolic information must be communicated among cells, tissues and organs. The goal of this conference is to bring together experts from diverse fields to discuss recent advances in understanding how signaling pathways in one organelle, cell or tissue may influence metabolic functions in other cellular compartments, cells and organs and, ultimately, systemic control of energy homeostasis. The conference will encourage discussion of the physiological processes governing these interactions as well as the role of miscommunication in the development of metabolic diseases and aging.

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Local do Evento

  • Avenida Atlântica , Nº. 1702
    CEP: 22021 - 001